A Cure for Salmon

It’s the uni break so, naturally, my little bro has come home and picked up salmon-curing as a hobby. As a dedicated ‘foodie’ this didn’t come as a surprise, however, by some quirk, his first dabbling did seem to coincide with a Munchies instructional video on how to impress your friends by curing your own salmon. Since he absolutely guarantees me that he was doing it before it became cool, this how to cure salmon post is totally legit.

I’m not really into posting recipes, this is more a suggestion of a super-fun-time activity that is way easier than most people think. Trust me, my little bro can do it. All it really requires is salt, sugar, alcohol and imagination. And salmon. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Grab yourself a descaled side of salmon
  2. Choose your liquor and baste the fish in two or three tablespoons
  3. Chill it for an hour or so
  4. Mix pretty much equal parts sugar and salt (we use slightly more salt) and add any additional spices, herbs, or any other dry flavourings you fancy (definitely some citrus zest)
  5. Lay out some cling film, dust it with the dry mix and then put the salmon on it, skin down
  6. Mummify your fish in the remaining dry mix. Seriously, go to town on it
  7. Add a garnish if you want (e.g. cucumber or juniper berries)
  8. Wrap the salmon up tightly in the film, lock it in a zip up fridge bag and chill for two or three days
And that’s it. Oh yeah – don’t forget to wash the fish thoroughly before slicing and eating.
So far we’ve tried whiskey and fennel (good) and gin and cucumber (also good). I’m sure you can get it wrong, but we haven’t yet. The plan is to work our way through every conceivable spirit, maybe rum and ginger next, and expand our fishy horizons.
Happy curing x

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